Bitcoin Runners is an open-source project at the intersection of two community-led movements enabling sovereignty of one’s wealth, while improving one’s health.

We have two main drivers: Firstly to widen the adoption of bitcoin and to socialise its use as a global currency. Secondly, to encourage more people into running and so to enjoy the wonderful life-changing benefits it offers.

For runners who don’t bitcoin: we’re here to help separate the signal from the noise and give you the knowledge and the tools to get ahead of the curve, to secure your future without relying on a sick financial system.

For bitcoiners who don’t run: welcome to a world of health, fitness and new friendships!

For the seasoned "fitcoiners" who already embrace both running and Bitcoin, it's time to have some fun! Grab a shirt, spread the word of Satoshi, and forge meaningful social and business connections, both locally and globally.

How it started

Bitcoin Runners started running (pun intended) at the Digital Asset Summit in London on June 14th, 2019. Specifically, the first conference run was organised in a pub at an Andreas Antonopoulos Patreon meet-up, where founder Richard Taylor met a fellow passionate bitcoiner and runner Aníbal Santaella. They agreed to meet the next day for a run along the Thames. As it happens running, bitcoining and sightseeing is the perfect recipe for good conversation and they ended up covering more than 20km in the process.

Genesis Run | Digital Asset Summit | June 14th 2019 | London, UK | 📸 RT

Here's an interview from the conference with Richard introducing Bitcoin Runners to the world!

Unblocked interview with Richard introducing Bitcoin Runners to the world

Our next conference run, at the Berlin Lightning Conference on October 18th, 2019, doubled in size to four participants! Richard shared the details of the group run in the conference Telegram chat group, and three others joined in. Vitus Zeller, the instigator of TeamSatoshi, was one of those and asked to co-host the event, marking the beginning of a lasting partnership between Bitcoin Runners and TeamSatoshi.

How's it going?

Hal Finney Seaside Run | Bitcoin Atlantis 2024 | March 1st 2023 | Funchal, Madeira | 📸 Pedro Faria

This can be best described by listing the runs we've hosted.


Mar 1: Bitcoin Atlantis | Hal Finney Seaside Run | Madeira, Portugal.

Mar 4: Bitcoin Atlantis | Hal Finney Mountain Run | Madeira, Portugal.

Apr 4: The Bitcoin Halving Party Run, A half-half-half marathon | Sonsonate, El Salvador.

Jun 12: BTC Prague | Run For Hal Prague 2024 | Czech Republic.


Jan 1-10: Running Bitcoin Challenge | Global.

Jan 14: Les Femmes Orange 5km Run | Hotel Princess Plochingen, Plochingen, Germany.

Mar 28: Les Femmes Orange 5km Run | Hotel Princess Plochingen, Plochingen, Germany.

May 5, 12, 19: Block Munchen Run | Munich, Germany.

May 17, 18: Bitcoin2023 | ₿e Your Own ₿ank Run | Miami Beach, USA.

May 22: Bitcoin2023 | Bitcoin Pizza Day Run | Miami, USA.

Jun 7, 8: BTC Prague 2023 Run | Prague, Czech Republic.

July 14, 15: Zitadelle Österreich 2023 | Lederhosen Run | Lässerhof, Terrasse hinter, Austria.

September 8: TABConf Running Bitcoin | Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

September 14, 17: BTC23 Running Bitcoin | Innsbruck, Austria.

October 12: Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023 | Plebs Run | Westergasbrug, The Netherlands.

October 6, 7: Bitcoin++ Run | Cafe Holzmarktperle, Berlin, Germany.

October 14: Inaugural Bitcoin Runners Bangalore run | Sankey Tank, Bangalore, India.

October 26, 27: Indonesia Bitcoin Conference Run | Orange Sunrise Run | Bali, Indonesia.

Nov 7: Adopting Bitcoin | AB23 Run | San Salvador, El Salvador.

Nov 12: Adopting Bitcoin | Volcano! Run! | Santa Ana El Salvador.

Dec 1, 2, 3: Africa Bitcoin Conference Run | Gold Coast, South Africa.


Jan 1-10: Running Bitcoin Challenge | Global.

Apr 5: Bitcoin2022 | Miami Beach Run | Miami, USA.

Sep 17: BTC22 Plebs Run | Innsbruck, Austria.

Oct 12: Bitcoin Amsterdam | Plebs Run | Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Nov 9: Pacific Bitcoin | Pier to Pier Run | LA, USA.

Nov 14: Adopting Bitcoin | Running Bitcoin Run | San Salvador, El Salvador.

Nov 24: Adopting Bitcoin | POW Party 🥳 | El Zonte, El Salvador.


Jan 1-10: Running Bitcoin Challenge | Global.

Jun 3: Bitcoin 2021 | Miami, USA.


Aug 27, 28, 29: Unchain Convention Run | Frankfurt, Germany.


Jun 14: The Genesis Run | Digital Asset Summit | London, UK.

Oct 18: Berlin Lightning Conference Run | Berlin, Germany.

Satoshi Nakamoto published the bitcoin white paper on October 31, 2008. A little over two months later on January 3, 2009 the genesis block was mined, heralding the start of an apolitical, censorship resistant, sound money revolution.

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