Bitcoin is out teacher. Bitcoin Runners is decentralised, open source and voluntary. It operates peer-to-peer, connecting passionate bitcoiners in real life with those who are curious or skeptical. We are thankful of everyone who has played a role in helping to spread adoption of bitcoin in a healthy and positive way.

The Unknown Bitcoin Runner

We like to imagine at any one moment in time - somewhere in the world - there is a bitcoiner working out while wearing the shirt. Whether that's pumping iron down the gym, running down the street, or representing the freedom tech movement in a race. Thank you for inspiring others to run bitcoin. We salute you!

Run Leaders

Bitcoiners Leading the Way: Meet our dedicated team of run leaders, passionate volunteers who embrace the joy of running bitcoin together. Our fun and friendly conference runs would not be possible without you. Vires in Numeris!

Special Thanks and Appreciation to…

Proof-of-Work Partners

Bitcoin Skiers - For skiers who bitcoin.

Botev Plovdiv FC - Bulgaria’s oldest football club.

Lake District BTC - Creating activity led Bitcoin meet ups in the North of England.

TeamSatoshi - A global, open & open-source sports team.

Proof-of-Shirt Partners - A place where Bitcoiners can share their freedom tech products, designs and memes to subtly Orange Pill the world.

The Bitcoin Store - India