If you're not already on Nostr then today's a good day to give it a try. It's a social media protocol, not a platform, so you can use any app or just a web browser.

Benefits include: No rate limits, no shadow banning, bot panic, no feed spam, no hostility to anonymous accounts, and no benevolent dictators... Hallelujah! Best of all Zaps are integrated, so you can reward and be rewarded, for great content with sats (fractions of a bitcoin).

Apps (aka Clients)

A new social network that you control
Unleash the power of Nostr
Iris – The nostr client for better social networks
Iris nostr client is the social networking app that is accessible and secure, giving you complete control over your data and profile.


A vision for content discovery and relay usage for basic social-networking in Nostr
Or how to make a basic social-networking application using the NostrNostr protocol that is safe and promotes decentralization.
Why I’m Betting Big on Nostr Nostr – the simple, decentralized messaging protocol with the potential to replace (and even integrate with) centralized apps like Twitter and WhatsApp – is going mainstream. And fast. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. From December 13th to January 10th, the numbe…



Nostrovia - the Nostr podcast!
The Nostr Podcast


Nostr public keys of Twitter Accounts
Find people you know on other social media sites on nostr

eXit! Leave Elon's walled garden and take your goodies with you.

URL Shortener
A free URL shortener service enabled by the NOSTR protocol, that is fast and fuss-free, stripped of all bells and whistles, no gimmicks—it just works!


Your guide to the world of Nostr - UseLessShit.co
Basic guides for Nostr newcomers. Find answers to the most common questions.
How to Setup a Paid Nostr Relay
Using the ZBD API to earn Bitcoin for running Nostr relay infrastructure


Zapplepay: Zap Even if They Say it’s Forbidden

For those wanting more...

GitHub - aljazceru/awesome-nostr: A curated list of nostr projects and resources
A curated list of nostr projects and resources . Contribute to aljazceru/awesome-nostr development by creating an account on GitHub.