Historic Events

We love to partner with leading bitcoin events around the world, where we can meet other like-minded fitcoiners, while putting in some proof-of-work and discovering the location. Our first event run took place in October 2019, for the Lightning Conference in Berlin. Since then we’ve hosted runs at Adopting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Miami, BTC22, and the Unchained Convention just to name a few. If you’d like us to organise a run for your event, please get in touch.

Block München Run

BTC Prague 2023 Run

Join us at the biggest bitcoin event in Europe, BTC

Les Femmes Orange 5km Run

Girl Power! The wonderful Les Femmes Orange will be hosting

Running Bitcoin Challenge 2023

Join Honorary Chair Fran Finney and the Running Bitcoin Challenge

Bitcoin Beach POW Party 🥳

We’re going to be experiencing the wonders of PoW

Adopting Bitcoin 2022 - Running Bitcoin Run

Celebrate Adopting Bitcoin 2022 in a healthy, memorable and fun

Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022 - Plebs Run

Celebrate Bitcoin 2022 in a healthy, memorable and fun way.

BTC22 - Plebs Run

Celebrate BTC22 in a healthy, memorable and fun way. Join

bitcoin2022 - Miami Beach Run

Kick off bitcoin2022 in a healthy and fun way. The

bitcoin2021 - Miami Bull Run

We are excited to be attending Bitcoin2021 in Miami. To