Bitcoin is Hope - An educational hub with high quality beginner friendly resources including: interviews, news, research, keynotes, books, papers and articles as well as a section dedicated for corporations.

The Beginners Guide to Bitcoin - A collection of What Bitcoin Did interviews covering a wide range of foundational topics.

21 Bitcoin Basics - A compact daily lesson from Relai where you can learn the basics of bitcoin in 21 days, delivered straight to your inbox.

Structured Learning

Saving Satoshi - A game designed for devs interested in learning more about bitcoin and how it works.

Saylor's Academy - A comprehensive catalogue of free professionally designed courses to open up the availablity of high quality education to all.

Node Academy - Get started running your own bitcoin lightning network node with support from the Pacific Nodewest noderunners community.


Bitcoiner.Guide - A collection of Bitcoin resources by QnA.

Builder's Guide - For those looking to learn about the Lightning Network, use and build on LND, Lightning Terminal, Loop, Pool as well as those developing their own LAPPS.

BTCSessions - Video tutorials covering all things bitcoin, including: wallets, hardware, security, news and interviews.

DarthBitcoinGuides - Guides and articles about Bitcoin and how to use it in practical use cases.

Plebnet - Bring people together to understand and support the lightning network, and to learn the basics of running a node and using a lightning wallet.

Souther Bitcoiner - A comprehensive catalogue of well researched video tutorials suitable for all levels to learn about using bitcoin.

Spector - A great range of guides for engineers.

Technical Resources

BitcoinDev - Bitcoin & Lightning Community Resources.

Foundational Resources

A Cypherpunk's Manifesto by Eric Hughes published on 9 March 1993

Modern Monetary Theory

WTF Happened in 1971? - Charts and tables highlighting the ramifications of President Nixon's decision to suspend the dollar’s convertibility into gold.

WTF? Realtime total US National Debt.


Bitcoin Stack Exchange: Technical Q&As.