Cold Storage

Beginner Friendly

BitBox - The easiest way to keep your coins safe.

Jade - Easy-to-use, purely open-source hardware wallet that offers advanced security.

Trezor - Inventors of the first hardware wallet, now severing over 2 million users worldwide.

More Advanced Friendly

ColdCard - The world’s most trusted and secure Bitcoin Signing Device.

SeedSigner - An offline, air-gapped bitcoin transaction signing device built from off-the-shelf components for less than $50.


BTClock - An open-source block-shaped “clock” which can show you information related to bitcoin. It is open-source and you can build it yourself.

Bitcoin Kids

LightningPiggy - An electronic cash piggy bank for children that accepts bitcoin sent over lightning, while displaying the amount saved in satoshis.

Home Mining

BitAxe - A fully open-source ASIC bitcoin miner.

NerdMiner - An open-source low power bitcoin miner.